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Why is content so important?

Digital interfaces like websites, apps, or even self-service checkouts are becoming more and more common. Some have already replaced human interaction. In this reality, text in digital products is extremely significant. 

Being user-friendly and clearly explaining actions are things customers have already come to expect. To stand out from your competitors, your product language should address specific issues that concern your audience, using words that resonate with them. 

How? That's where I come in :)


Voice and Tone & Microcopy

If your product was a person, what would it sound like? A salesperson? A teacher? Maybe like your best buddy? A voice and tone guide answers this question and many more. Its goal is to define how your product speaks to your target audience and what are the main messages and values you want to communicate to them.

Microcopy - Small pieces of text in digital interfaces that make a huge difference.

Microcopy is the term used to describe texts in digital products that are related to users' actions. Writing microcopy is also called referred to as UX writing. 

A few examples include text on buttons (call to action), form labels and placeholders, checkout flows, onboarding processes, error messages, and many more.

About Me

Hey, I'm Inbal 👋 I'm a UX writer and a voice & tone designer.

I love exploring, analyzing, and understanding your business, competitive landscape, and target audience. My goal is to create an interface that fits your users perfectly and is as easy to use as possible.

I love words in general, and the written word in particular. I'm fascinated by their diversity on the one hand, and how precise they allow us to be on the other hand.


I started working for 888 back in 2012, where I learned about digital marketing and user experience. Having completed my BA in Psychology, I already knew human behavior intrigues me - understanding what makes people tick, what excites and what discourages them.

At 888, I was responsible for conversion rate optimization in the B2C Bingo unit. I learned a lot in this role about user experience - how to examine user behavior, how to measure it and analyze it and what common mistakes we, as designers and managers, make in this process.

After five wonderful years, I felt it was time to strengthen my UX skills so I said farewell to 888 and started working as a product manager in a small startup. There I took part in the entire development lifecycle of a B2B SAAS product, gained additional experience in designing and developing user interfaces and started writing micro-copy.

After getting my hands dirty, I realized that's what I want to do - write the right words that will create better user experiences in digital products. I decided to set off as an independent UX writer and the rest, as they say, is history.

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